Part 15 FM Transmitter Tests

As the results of my testing has generated more interest I've gathered the links to all the of the various tests.  New tests will be added when they are complete.  Note that I will rarely do any testing November through April, as my test field will be under several feet of snow!

Requests/suggestions for transmitters to be tested may be sent to:  I make no promises that I will test all requested devices.  Old or generally unobtainable models are of less interest.  Also I prefer to test units that are FCC Certified (or at least claim to be).  All devices tested are always purchased through regular retail outlets with no involvement or knowledge of the manufacturers.

For those technically inclined the equipment used for testing includes (but is not limited to)

Potomac FIM-71 field strengh meter with it's calibrated ANT-71 antenna

Z-Technology R-506 field strength meter with it's calibrated antenna

(both these devices are commonly used in the field by the FCC)

Inovonics 531N Modulation Monitor

Coaxial Dynamics Watt Meter with CD Custom manufactured 100 mw and 1 watt FM band "slugs"

Rigol DSA 815 TG Spectrum Analyzer

Tektronics Oscilloscope (when necessary)

Details of testing proceedures are generally outlined with each test paper.

My original group of FM transmitter tests, fall 2015. Includes:

C. Crane  FM Transmitter 2
Whole House 3.0
Decade CM-10

All in one pdf at:

One short addendum to the Whole House 3.0 part of the above tests. "Update: October 2016, I tested 5 WH 3.0 units back to back, all within a minute or two of each other, under identical conditions.  Of the 5, field strength at 3 meters ranged from a low of 5635 uV/m to a high of 7585 uV/m.  Remember, legal is 250 uV/m."

C. Crane FM Transmitter 2 Test #2 Back to Back test of ten transmitters:

Fail-Safe Transmitter

Broadcastvision AXS-FMTXD

For those interested, my qualifications:  43 years commercial broadcast experience including chief engineer for 3 - 100,000 watt FM stations and 2 directional AM stations.  Have built numerous studios from the ground up, including AM, FM, production, and music recording facilities.  B.S. Degree Electronics Engineering, Holder of FCC General Radiotelephone Operators License often referred to as the "GROL".  Used to be known as a  First Class license, or "First Phone" license. Member of and certified by the Society of Broadcast Engineers. General Class Ham radio license. Earned my first "Ham" license when I was 11 years old.